christmas eve

christmas eve in the shop is the quietest of the days leading in to christmas.   it might be my favorite day of the whole year.  people are doing their last minute shopping, but by this point they are just getting the small stuff-- stocking stuffers or something they know they want for someone on their list.  christmas eve always feels somehow less pressured than the previous week or so-- maybe because the major shopping has been done.  i get to be in on all those presents-- and we chat about who the gift is for and how i should wrap it.  it is a great honor to be in on all those presents.  there is a festive feeling to christmas eve-- families and friends have started to arrive from out of town and they are now out and about-- visiting.  we all have the sense that tomorrow is coming-- and-- whatever your religion-- christmas day for many, many of us in this country is a day off, a day with family, a day of peace.

so happy....


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