i had a wonderful visit earlier today with a customer-- a new friend who says she reads my blog every day and misses it on the days i don't write.  what a gift!  thank you!

i have been thinking about change-- the one thing we can truly count on in our lives.  people change, the weather changes, bank fees change-- and shops change.  change can be painful-- it can be wrenching and make us feel adrift in uncertainty.  change can cause us to question our judgment, it can cause us to feel totally alone, it can cause us to wonder about how to proceed.  change can also bring in fresh air and relief, it can make us feel stronger and more sure on our feet, and it can be a whole lot of fun.

i am having an awful lot of fun with the recent changes in my life-- fun with new space to play with, fun with people, fun with a new perspective on things-- fun with the creative world i am in having shifted just enough.

thanks for being part of it!



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