big-box disorientation

as you might imagine i do not often visit big-box stores.  i am not much of a consumer-- we have a small house and i don't want to bring more stuff in-- i buy what we need, and i buy it either vintage or as locally as possible.

every now and then, however-- i have to venture in to a big-box store for something that can't be purchased otherwise.

MAN!  the disorientation is enormous!  i feel always like the country mouse come to town-- no idea how to navigate, no idea how to find what i need.  and if they have re-arranged since i was last there?  even worse.  i find that i have to take a list so that i can remember what the item was that i came in for.  i wander through all those enormous aisles-- aghast at how much brand-new stuff there is available for purchase.  i wonder what people do with all these things?  and i think about where these things all came from-- factories in other parts of the world-- and i wonder about the people who made them.  did their children have enough to eat today?  and then i think about where all these goods will end up at some point-- most of them will not last any time at all-- and about our landfills growing beyond capacity every day.

it all feels like pollution and very much disconnected from any experience i have of being human.

we live in different worlds...


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