battling against mediocrity

isn't this photo amazing?  my friend kate took this one-- a pair of birds from 'mccarty's pottery' on a white shelf and overexposed.

small business owners-- retailers, coffee shop owners, restaurant owners-- sometimes have a chip on our shoulders when it comes to competition.  most of america is spending their money online or in big-box stores-- or chains that don't necessarily feel like big-corporate stores but are.  we KNOW we can't compete there.  so sometimes we get all competitive with each other-- we worry that another small business is stepping on our small business' toes, or that they are taking our customers away from us, or that they are copying our vision.

here's the thing-- as small business owners we are fighting every day against mediocrity.  we are fighting against the mentality that products and services should be homogenized and made corporate--we are fighting against the idea that every coffee shop should provide the same products in the same atmosphere.  we are fighting against the mentality that products should be available overnight no matter where they are coming from or who is making them.  and we are fighting against the idea that each item-- each mug, for example-- should be exactly the same.  every day every one of us who own a small business is battling against the mediocrity that is currently dominating our country.

we are trying, in fact, to do something much better-- to create our own little worlds where we do things in a unique and potentially wonderful way.

so-- small business owners-- stop fighting against each other.  remember that we are in this battle against mediocrity together.  focus on making your own business the very best that it can be.  find your niche and work really hard to be the best in that niche.  that is really the best thing that anyone can do.


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