the color white

white shelves, white mugs (from two different local artists), nearly white walls-- every day i am in heaven.

to me white is the perfect color.  white holds all the other colors in it-- there are grey whites, and pink whites, and blue-ish whites.  white can be warm, white can be cool-- white can be both on different walls at different times of day.

i have always imagined the perfect white-- somewhere between milk and chalk-- something white but not too yellow and not too grey.  i love color as well so my rooms are rarely completely white-- but they are increasingly more-than-a-little-bit white.

when we first opened the shop i had a customer comment one day-- 'you know, some of us like white'.  i looked around, surprised.  i loved white, too, but i had not been bold enough to bring anything white in to sell-- or it had just not happened that my vendors at the time were selling very much white.  the walls of the space were white, the inside of the bathtub was white, but nothing else. 

now?  i have been totally indulging my love of white.

maybe another customer will come in soon and say-- 'you know, some of us like color'.



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