linens and cotton velvets

for the better part of the last six years i have wanted to carry fabrics for the home.  i have imagined bolts of fabrics on the wall--  beautiful colors and the snip of good fabric shears-- but never really had the space or the certainty about which fabrics, how many bolts, how many yards on a bolt....  so it has never happened.

with our move it was important to me to finally realize this dream in some form-- and here they are!

our little in-house samples (we also have big swatches for people to take home and try) of upholstery linen, cotton velvets, and household linen!  they can be ordered in pieces as small as 1/4 yard or as large as it would take to cover a large sofa-- and all the colors work beautifully with each other.  we are also making our own duvet covers, throw pillows, and shower curtains from our fabrics-- all ready for purchase.  OR ask us about making your duvet cover in whatever fabric you want-- and sized to fit your comforter.

so fun!


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