inherited material world

my house is full of things i have inherited.

none of them are 'family heirlooms' of any kind-- they are little things, randomly chosen and perhaps loved by the person i inherited them from:  carved pieces of coconut shell my grandmother picked up when she was in the philippines;  a pair of modigliani's my mother tore from a magazine in her early twenties and then had framed; and a pair of brass candlesticks that were purchased by my father after he and my mother divorced-- but which he later decided were actually part of that earlier, pre-divorce, world.

little things that furnish my world with the lives and memories of others.

the thing is that i am not a 'saver'.  there is very little in the material realm that i have a desire to hold on to.  it works well for me to own a shop because i am as happy when items find a new home and leave the shop as i was when they arrived at my door (which is always a little like christmas).   but in my home i hold on to these inherited items-- this eclectic mix of interesting little things picked up by other people and then handed on to me-- they have, over the years, become part of my own personal style.

the questions that i rarely ask are-- would i bring this item home NOW if i had the opportunity?  do i just live with these things because i have done so for decades?  do i love these objects for their own selves, or because of the people they came from?

hmmmm.  gonna think about that.


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