home centered work

i think that what i do for work is sometimes confusing for people.  the confusion comes, i think, from the fact that i wear a number of different hats.

i have a retail shop where i sell fair trade and eco friendly housewares-- more than half my products are locally made, the other half are from all over the world, but all of them are ethically sourced.  the other half of what i do is to work for clients on making their homes work better for them-- i design kitchens, bathrooms, additions, renovations, furniture-- you name it.  i make beautiful, livable space.

to me this all makes sense-- i am very home-centered.  but to other people i think my double persona is confusing.  am i a shopkeeper or a designer?  is my business more weighted towards the retail or the design?

both and neither.  my bulletin board holds notes and thoughts about both businesses.  my notebooks also have ideas for each business.  in both i am the creative director, the managing director, the marketing director, the webmaster, the book keeper...  i wear a lot of hats.

what i love about what i do is all the things i do in a given day.  these days that includes sewing duvet covers (i have two to work on today), writing up notes from a client visit (one of those today-- that i am very behind on!), taking care of some book-keeping, posting new products to our webstore, writing this blog, AND having tea with customers and friends in my beautiful, cozy design space/shop.

what could be better?


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