having time to get caught up on things

it has been a quiet week at the shop.  our lack of signs (please, sign-guy, bring us some signs soon?!), and an enormous construction project on main street have been tampering with customers finding us.  it has given me lots of time to continue to settle in-- time to go through our files and cull what we no longer need, time to re-think how we organize our sewing stuff, time to go through everything in my in-box (recently oft-overflowing) and make it all make sense.

in short, i have had time to do all kinds of projects that normally i don't get to-- and it sure feels good.

the new space is also conducive to this type of work.  it is bigger space than we have had before,  and while it feels very open and airy-- it is also cozy and quiet.  it is really nice space to work in.  i spent months finding this building-- months looking at retail spaces-- but this time i knew exactly what i wanted:  big airy space that was not cavernous.  good storage and office space that would really fit our needs.   there is room to really work-- which makes all the difference in the world.

afternoon tea today: 4-5.30pm.  come visit!


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