the meaning of our material world

i work with a lot of people in their homes.  most of the time i know very little about my clients' personal lives.  i may not even know what they do for work before i am in their home and helping to re-arrange their material world.  but sometimes we talk about very personal issues, because sometimes it is really important for me to understand their personal issues in order to help with their material world.  more often than not we end up talking about clutter, items collected long ago but no longer relevant, inherited furniture that has sentimental value but no real purpose-- and along with all that there are stories about angst between spouses over household chores, earlier periods of life that are either thought of with nostalgia or relief, and long-gone relatives whose influence is still strong.

i get to know people through their stuff.

this is the beginning of our new week at the shop-- we are now open tuesday-saturday 12-5.  stop in and tell me some stories!


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