packing for a move

i have moved a lot in my life-- 13 times since reaching adulthood-- and each time to me feels like a real adventure.  i love the process of going through my things, really thinking about what to keep and what to let go of.  i love the trips to the salvation army with items that we are ready to pass on to others.  i love the emptying out of closets and drawers-- the material process of making major life change.

and then comes the packing-- sorting objects into like shapes and uses to be placed in boxes, imagining the things i currently own in a new space, thinking about how i might use things differently down the road-- all part of the mental and physical process of preparing for the next step in my life.

moving is an opportunity-- a physical change of scene that allows for a material change in the things we use every day-- and a new way to imagine ourselves.

after almost a year of contemplating our shop move-- we are finally in the packing stages.

it is so fun...


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