on being thirteen

this little one turns thirteen today.  she came into the world like a baseball being hit out of the field-- with speed and certainty of purpose-- and she keeps on going.  she is a fireball, a dynamo-- all in a quiet , shy package.  i am grateful for all that she teaches me-- about determination and pluck; fairness and beauty-- she and her sister spur me on to be my best self, every day.

thirteen is a hard age-- so many changes in the body and its surroundings.  middle school and social expectations ever expanding-- but an amazing adventure.  thirteen is a bridge between being a child and being a truly big-kid.  it is the beginning of the transition into adulthood.  the beginning of being a teenager.   it is a year to savor-- to still get to run and jump and swing on the swings like you did when you were little-- and time to have a little more freedom out in the world.  i am proud of you, little one.  

happy birthday, isabel!

-mary-moore (mama).

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