living in a fishbowl

for three years this has been the view out our front window.  we see the traffic of main street, the people walking-- out with friends or doing errands, the seasons changing, the events on the town common-- the life of our little town all happens right there outside our windows.  i love that.

at the same time it means that we are in here-- visible all day long to whomever happens by our big front wall of glass.  in the early days of being in this space this visibility took a lot of getting used to.  i felt exhausted and tense when i got home-- it is not easy to feel like one is on display for 8 hours a day. over time i got used to our fishbowl-- i realized that most people going by are not at all interested in me or in what is going on in my shop.  the sun reflects on the windows at certain times of day and makes it impossible to see in--  which confounds friends trying to look in to see who is behind the counter.

there is also the challenge of concentrating on the work at hand when there are 22 feet of glass through which to look out at all that life going on out there.  the warm sunny days beckon, windy days prove interesting, and rainy days-- the days i love the best-- are just so beautiful with all that glass and the door open:  like being on a big open porch.

i will miss these windows and the life outside,  but i am ready for the change.  ready to be a little more inwardly focussed.  ready to have beautiful, but more enclosed workspace.

just a few more weeks!


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