taking responsibility

on a construction site there are all kinds of people doing different pieces of the job.  the carpenter builds the walls, the plumber puts in the pipes, the electrician runs wires-- each has to do their part, and each part has to fit together.  there is a lot of back and forth conversation necessary to make sure it all goes well.

when it doesn't go well, when there is some piece that doesn't fit with another piece-- there is often a lot of posturing about who's fault it is.  the carpenter will say that he didn't know the electrician was going to make all those holes in the wall, or the tile guy will say that the plumber didn't leave him enough room to run tile behind the faucets.

or-- when you get a 'little woman' like me on the job site-- the plumber will tell me that you NEVER put in a new tub and keep the existing floor-- that's just not done.  so the fact that he put in the new tub in such a way that there is now a big gap in the flooring-- is MY fault.  'big men' often like to tell 'little women' what's what on a construction site-- especially when they don't know that i have been running my own construction sites for nearly 15 years. (BTW,  it is perfectly reasonable to put in a new tub and keep the existing flooring-- there just has to be enough communication between everyone to make sure it is done right).

it occurred to me this morning that i can affect this atmosphere of fault-finding on my own job sites.  i could have told that plumber, for example, that there is simply no place on this job for that kind of attitude.  we are all working together to do the best job we can for the client, and we all have to rely on each other to do our piece.  AND mistakes will be made-- regularly and often-- and once there is a mistake we have to figure out how to fix it in the best way possible.  period.


happy friday, people.


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