living with uncertainty

we all live with uncertainty every day, but often we are able to ignore it.  we think that our lives are solid and stable-- that our houses are solid, that our work is steady, that our marriages are safe harbors for us to live in for the rest of our lives.  and then some catastrophic thing happens-- our child gets hit by a car on his bicycle and dies, our parent has a stroke and needs care, or we lose a job and are no longer able to afford the home that we have felt so safe in.  at these times we are reminded that life just isn't that solid or stable.  life is about uncertainty and change.

for just about a year we have been living with uncertainty at the shop-- not knowing where the shop will move to when the lease is up and not knowing for sure what form the shop may take once we move-- since the form will shift depending on the space.  we have talked about the shop becoming more of a design studio-- with custom upholstery fabric and the like, and we have talked about the shop shifting to being a kitchen shop.  there has even been talk of not having a shop-- if the right space was not available-- of just having a design business.  it has been a year of learning to live with the unknown-- learning to surrender to the reality that i can't make things happen the way i want them to all the time-- much of the time i just have to do the leg-work and then trust that things will turn out okay.  and it has been a year of being reminded that i may not know ahead of time what that 'okay' is going to look like.  it has been a hard year, but a good learning experience.

now we know where we are going and the new shop space is taking shape.  it will be different than it is now-- more design studio in certain ways, and more 'nature industrial' (as we are calling it) in aesthetic.  and frankly, it will be more 'me'.  at some point i may also end up opening a small kitchen shop nearby-- just because that sounds like so much fun.  but i am conscious in these last couple of months before our move of how far we have come this year, and how great it is to be at the end of this journey.  it will be wonderful to just BE in one place, and to be able to go back to ignoring the uncertainty that is life for at least a little while.

happy saturday!


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