my washing machine broke two weeks ago, and with one thing and another i have not yet had a chance to get it fixed.  but with four cats, a very large fluffy dog, and two teenagers in our house we can't wait to do laundry.  so we have been going to the laundromat.

before i owned my own house (and the laundry machines that came with it) i used to love going to the laundromat.  the ability to do eight loads at once? the speed with which you can get a LOT of laundry done?  and the communal folding tables-- shyly smiling at the person across the table while we fold our clothing?  the nice neat stacks carefully placed in the bag all ready to go home?  all good.

my kids don't remember going to the laundromat when they were little.  this week they learned all the tricks-- how to go around the corner for ice cream while the clothes are in the washer, how to stop the dryer mid-cycle to pull out the dry things (and get them folded 'ahead of time'), and how to get everything washed, dried, and folded in under an hour.

and unlike doing laundry at home-- where washing, drying, and folding is snuck in between other household tasks and activities, many of which are solitary-- at the laundromat we get to really be together for that hour.  we sit on the bench and swing our feet, we walk over to the farmers market for strawberries, and we talk about the process of doing laundry-- something i don't think we have ever done before.

and when we get home we make all three of our beds up with clean sheets-- and we do it together.

what could be better?


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Anonymous said...

Great design. Its great idea of having the cooking section of kitchen in a small space and the entire for the dining and living room.

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