on moving

right now the big conversation around here is all about our upcoming move.  why are we moving? where are we moving? when are we moving?  FINALLY i have answers to all three of those questions.

the decision to move was not an easy one.  the first impulse, in late september, was created by the opportunity to buy a building which could house both my shop and my home.  it is a beautiful building and for some months we were in serious negotiation with the current owners, talks with the town planning, zoning, and code officials, and working towards selling our house.  ultimately that whole thing fell through-- but i learned an enormous amount in the process about what i want and need in my business and home spaces-- and what i want my life to look like.

because that is the amazing thing about owning your own business-- it may be stressful, there may be periods with very little money-- but you have the opportunity to shape your life to fit what you most need.  HOWEVER you really have to take that opportunity and be intentional with it, or it is pretty easy to fall into the same old ruts.  in the last few years-- i have felt like i have been in a rut!

when the possibility of moving to our own building fell through, i began negotiating a new lease with my current landlords.  we were not able to come to agreement about the rent-- leaving me with the reality of having to move, again.

moving a shop is infinitely easier than moving a home-- it is pretty straightforward to pack everything up and unpack it on the other end-- and in the middle you are never wondering where your toothbrush is.  but the hard part about moving a shop is the uncertainty of public opinion on the subject, and the uncertainty of the impact of location on a business.  the space itself needs to have the right number and size of rooms for storage, making tea for the employees, and office space.  it needs to have the right amount of sunlight-- too much and natural fabrics will be damaged, too little and it feels unappealing to be there.  and it needs to be somewhere where people can find it.

our new space is at 534 main street, in our little town of amherst.  it is on the corner of high street, and you actually go in the door on the high street side.  it is bigger than our current space, by quite a bit.  it has beautiful sunlight, and the right number of ancillary rooms for storage and office.  the ceilings are low-- but that makes it easier to get up there and hang things from them.  we are working on making it more beautiful-- sourcing flooring (i think i have found enough antique wide pine boards!!!), window treatments, and lighting.  and it just plain FEELS good.

we will be moving at the end of september-- so fun!



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