new shop...

let's consider this a 'BEFORE' photo.  lots more to come.

THIS is our new space.  though i have had the key for months, i have not known for sure that we could move here until i was granted the permit, two nights ago, by our local zoning board.

i had already been looking for space for a number of months when i found this one.  it is big-- a lot more space than we have now, and it has its own little parking lot, and a whole lot of POTENTIAL.  for the past ten years this has been the home of our local art center-- there were art classes, pottery studios-- places for people in our little town to go to do various kinds of art.  the walls were all kinds of crazy colors, the floor meant to be spilled on.  we have our work cut out for us-- we will put in new floors, new lighting, paint everything in our colors-- and then build shelves, counters, places to display all our things.  we will have window boxes, and plants in pots, and a whole lot more... it is a lot of work, but for me all of that is WAY fun.

there is a lot of talk in our town about how difficult it can be to deal with 'the town' about permits, code issues, zoning, etc.  this is the second time that i have had to go for a permit from the 'zoning board' for shop space-- and both times the process itself was really easy.  the people who work for the planning, zoning, and code enforcement departments were all very helpful.  the building commissioner was helpful.  this particular process was a hard one because the building is a 'non-conforming' building, but everyone involved worked a lot of extra hours to make it happen.

it is these moments that i especially love living and working in this little town.


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