natural air conditioning

my daughters and i like to travel large distances by car.  we most often drive from western mass to the south-- to mississippi, alabama, and south carolina-- to visit family and friends.   i like to see the vegetation change over the miles, and to feel the air shift from cool and dry to hot and humid as we drive,  on our way we stop to see local sites-- often, since we drive down through appalacia, caves.

this one, lost river cave, is in bowling green, kentucky.  the river flows under the rocks and down into underground caverns.  the great thing about caves is that their temperature stays at about 60 degrees year round-- this was especially important in the days before air conditioning, or the ability to cool food through refrigeration.  at the mouth of this cave there is this wide open place-- in the 1920's, years before there was air conditioning in the world at large, a night club was built here in the cool of the mouth of the cave.  now you can rent the space for private functions-- weddings, parties, and the like.  it is a beautiful, naturally air conditioned porch!

good luck with the heat today!



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