life is short...

none of us know ahead of time what is going to happen in our lives.  we do the leg work, gather information, and then we just simply have to make the best decisions we can.  sometimes those decisions are going to turn out well-- and sometimes we are going to wish that things had turned out better.  sometimes the stress of a difficult decision is going to be the worst part of all.

so-- life is short, yes-- but we all need to allow ourselves time to figure out what is the best path for us to take.  there are very few moments in life that we have to make big decisions quickly.  generally if we make big decisions quickly it is because we are trying to make the pain of in-decision stop.  it is okay to surrender to the process.  okay to take time to ponder, feel, and imagine what's next.  okay to live in the discomfort of not knowing for a little bit.  and-- okay to ask the people around us to pause and give us space to be certain about what is the right thing.

and then-- it is a leap of faith.

i am going to be making big decisions in the next few days about where the shop is moving when our lease is up at the end of september.  some of the decision will be made for me by the zoning board of our little town, by what is available between now and the time i need it, and by what i can afford.  but there are still options-- i am definitely going to take my time, and ask the people around me to give me space to make the best choice for my business... and for me.


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