shop keeping

last night i had an hour between things, and i headed to my favorite coffee shop to visit with my friend andrew.  i sat at the bar and ate cheese, watching andrew, his boss, and his co-workers setting up for a live musical event, and chatting with them in between their busy-ness.  what they were doing was beautiful to watch:

hours before the event a local brewer had come and dropped off casks of his beer.  two of them were mounted on wooden stands on the counter, wrapped in ice packs and insulated covers.  they needed to be unwrapped and prepared for tapping-- a process of hammering in a small wooden wedge into the side of the cask-- and then re-wrapping the casks to keep them cold.  the guys were also coming up with a special drink of the night-- looking through cocktail recipe books and talking over how much of each ingredient they had on hand.  there was some pressure behind all of this-- they were estimating that they were within fifteen minutes of 'game time', after all.  they made the drink-- hand squeezing lemons, measuring alcohols-- and then drank it, whooping between sips.  apparently a good one.

it was fun to see how much fun they were having, how much the preparation for a big event is work AND play, how much comfort they have with each other at work.      

when you work on this side of the counter, there are things you understand that you don't necessarily know about otherwise.  there is paperwork to be done, cleaning to keep up with, and lots of preparation for customers.  before a big event, there is ALL KINDS of preparation.

and working together like that is fun.


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