life and business choices

sometimes the most important business decisions i face are not really about business.  they are not about how much money i am going to make based on a given business decision, or which products are going to sell the best, or how to best market my business to the online world.... the most important decisions i make are about what i want my life to look like.

i don't know that i really understood that when i started in the business world.  i was thinking a lot about what the best location would be for my business,  how the business would be received, and how much it was all going to cost.

i still think about these questions, of course.

but these days it is the shape of my life-- the form and quality-- that i am most concerned with.  i have a working business-- a business that has gone through growth and change-- and will soon undergo another big transition when we move in a couple of months.  and the need for me to work hard in continuing to do the work i do is a given-- we are still in the middle of a serious recession and my business is still relatively new-- and it takes a lot of work to keep it all going every day.

SO-- as i am making the decisions that will determine what is next for the business,  i am really making decisions about what i want my life to look like.  do i want to be able to walk to work? do i want to grow vegetables in my days off?  do i want space at my shop where my friends can sit on my stool and tell me about their day?  do i want space at the shop to sew things?  what is the best mix of retail and design work for me to feel balanced in what i do?

essentially-- how DO i want to spend my days?

it is all about intention--



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