keeping up with things

this is what my desktop looks like RIGHT NOW on my computer.  a jumble of photos and documents, client notes, paperwork of all kinds, photos for the website, photos used on the blog, photos for clients...  oh, boy.  and yes-- whenever i open my computer i shoot straight past all of this and into some application because i can't quite deal with the mess.

but-- it happens.  life gets busy, time is spent on important pursuits, keeping up with organizing gets put on the back burner.  that is normal and based in the reality of trying to pack too much into any given day (which we all do).  children, work, household-- for most of us every day is too full to get to everything.

the problem comes when the mess starts to take over.  when it starts to feel like there is just too much to deal with and the day-to-day mess has become a HUGE task to clean up.   then it can be pretty easy to get stressed out about it, feel angry and resentful at the other people who live in the house for their not cleaning up, and feel totally overwhelmed by the series of tasks that have to be done in order to get things back in some sort of order.

that's where i come in.  i tell people to keep it simple.  we don't need to fix everything at once, we just need to find a place to start.  starting-- finding a place to begin to address the issues-- makes everything feel better almost instantly.  if possible, we identify the key things that need to be addressed-- the laundry?  the papers?  the photos on the desktop?  then we see if we need to adjust the system--  would it be good if i had a folder right on my desktop that was called 'client notes'?  or if every family member had a laundry basket of their own?  then, one photo or document-- or one stack of papers-- at a time we can start to clean things up.

happy tuesday, people.


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