a friend and i were talking the other night-- you can read his work here-- about home.  this is someone i have known for almost thirty years-- we have seen each other through a lot of crazy (insert expletive here). we talked briefly over our lives, our attempts to feel comfortable and at ease in our early years, our ongoing attempts to make homes for ourselves.

at one point in the conversation he said-- home is the intersection between the material, physical world, and our emotional, psychological selves.  he has most recently been living in a hotel-- an arrangement with the hotel owner that currently suits them both.  he talks quite eloquently about how living in an intrinsically transient space has affected his sense of home.  it has only been since living in the hotel-- living in a space that is stripped back to the very basics of modern shelter, that he has found that home is something he carries with him internally.

another piece to this puzzle.


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