color trends

now this is an old photo!  taken almost ten years ago-- it highlights the way in which colors change in popularity over time.  while i still think it is a beautiful room-- the twin beds tucked into the alcoves on either side of the fireplace-- the colors make me cringe!

the colors that we put in our homes represent an enormous industry geared towards selling us more stuff.  there-- i said it.  each year there are entire symposia about the latest color trends-- more color, more pale, more color combinations, monotone-- each year the trend changes just enough to make you want to go out and buy new things in the new colors.  the stores all follow the trends-- each within its own style-- so that if you tend to like things from pottery barn your home will shift in one direction, while if you tend to like target, your home will shift in another direction-- and all of it will actually coordinate in any given time period because the powers that decide color trends have deemed it so.

in my own work i have found that different people are drawn to more and less color.  some people want blues, some people yellows, and some people gravitate towards the whites.  at the point that i decorated this room i was leaning towards a strong mix of warm, happy colors.  these days my rooms are filled with very subtle color variations-- almost the variations of different wood tones-- mixed in with a whole lot of whites.  none of this is outside of the color trending in the industry-- in the late 90's and early 2000's we saw all kinds of rooms like the one above.  these days you can open any shelter magazine and find a variety of rooms in white.

i am a product of my culture!

now to go choose some colors for the new studio space...


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