just so you know, i did not take this photo.  i stole it from facebook.  i was, however, standing right next to the photographer when this photo was taken.

i have spent a sizeable chunk of the last few days celebrating the wedding of these two-- erin and matt-- and it was really, really fun.

the thing about weddings-- when they are good-- is that they remind us of the magic of relationships, family, and community.  they give us an opportunity to dwell for a few hours or days in the very best of our selves and our connections with each other.  it is normal and expected that the wedding couple, their family, and friends will share their intimate feelings publicly.  they include us in those expectations and we get to talk with, laugh with, and dance with people who were, a few hours earlier, total strangers-- but who now have become life-long friends.  we cry together, we laugh together, we are all moved to enjoy each other and the moment-- because we are all wrapped up in the joy of celebrating this marriage. 

this photo captured something incredibly beautiful about these two-- matt was a dance major in college, erin-- wonderful and good-- is willing to go along with matt's moves.  but before matt swung erin around and dipped her, you could see him letting her know visually what he was going to do, and you could see her saying 'okay-- i'm with you'.  and so there they are-- matt clearly supporting erin and erin just enjoying the hell out of that moment.

good wedding, guys.

much love and many blessings--


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