inviting a designer into your home takes a great deal of trust-- trust in the person herself, trust in the process, trust that you are getting good value for your dollars-- every day i am blessed with the trust of my clients.

usually there is a great deal of give-and-take between my clients and me.  they tell me about products they have been looking at for their home-- this week i learned about 'gusmodern.com' for example-- and i tell them about ideas for the furniture placement, color, or architecture of their space.  we work together towards finding the best solution for their problems with their home.

but underlying all of that is a basic gentleness of trust between us.  i am aware that i am in someone's home-- the space in which they feel most safe, but potentially most vulnerable because it is the space that holds their innermost life.  i am aware that i am being trusted with not only the placement of the windows in their new wall, but with the inside picture of parts of their lives.

i take all of that very seriously.

and i am grateful.


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