sleepless nights

when you have a dog, whether you have a big dog or a small dog, young or old, fenced yard or no-- when your neighbor gets a dog you might initially think:

"oh, how nice.  our dogs can play with each other.  we will get to know each other more as we stand around and chat in the backyard while our dogs do their thing." 

you might also think,

"great-- i get to have the benefit of having two dogs (your own dog being happy and satisfied and tired out from playing with your neighbor's dog) without actually having to pay the vet bills for two dogs."

or some such thing.

but you might actually find out that your neighbors are the kind of people who leave their dog outside most of the time, and that your neighbor's dog might bark all night, which means your dog barks all night (albeit inside with the windows closed)...

which means that no one in your house gets any sleep.



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