a reminder of home

a friend's son was in a bike accident a few days ago.  a bad one.  i am reminded of how fragile life is-- how quickly everything changes from fine, every day, tedious even-- to upside down, terrifying, and minutely detailed.

in these moments i come back to my own HOME.  my daughters and i live in the most wonderfully cozy little house-- it is beautiful and comfortable and very much represents US.  it is the place we feel is our home.

what i have been reminded of this week is that nothing about the place that we live in matters.  it doesn't matter what the flooring is, or the colors on the walls, or the quality of our appliances, or the level of comfort of our sofa.

the central, most important connection that we have to that sense and certainty of HOME is our relationship with each other.




Katie said...

beautiful post, mary.

and, of course, our first home is this body we inhabit; the bedrock of our cells, tissues, fluids, bones and the great expanse that is out heart. through which we connect and engage with all that is around us, is us.

sending love and light to your friend's family.

shopgirl said...

thanks, katie.

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