re-inventing businesses

when you own a small business, especially one that has not been around for that many years, there is a need for almost constant re-invention:  you need to try new things-- seeking, always, the combination of products and services that best works for you and your little town;  you need to attract both new customers and new investors by doing more all the time; AND you need to keep yourself from going nuts by doing the same exact thing 12-14 hours a day, 6-7 days a week for years on end.

at the same time you have to keep doing what works-- so that customers know that you are serious about what you do and solid in your commitment to stick around.

it is a really hard balance to find and maintain-- in fact i would say it is something of an art form.

the good thing in my life is that over the years of owning my own small business i have come to be friends with a number of the other small business owners in my area.  as we go through changes and adjustments and transitions-- we are there, supporting each other.  we understand each other's drive to re-invent our businesses-- and the struggles we each go through in the process of that change.

for those of you who are on the customer side of things-- if a small business that you frequent is going through a process of change-- of re-invention-- cheer them on!  try your very best not to be too critical-- be respectful of the needs of your small business owner to make some adjustments-- and if you feel the need to say something, say it nicely!  remember that small business owners are not huge corporations with extremely thick skins-- we are your neighbors and friends.  and if we are making adjustments to our business, it is probably because, on some level or another, we have to.

and then be patient-- if you have liked something about the way that small business has been going, trust that the person behind all that you like is working on coming up with something that may well be even better!



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