illness factories

as many of you know, my daughter has been ill for some time.  her symptoms? chronic fatigue.  diagnosis?  as yet undecided.

as this illness has continued we have seen just about every doctor and healing practitioner recommended to us.  perhaps this is a medical problem, perhaps an allergy-related illness, perhaps it is something that eastern medicine will help?

almost everyone we have seen has been wonderful.  supportive, clear in what they want to test for, professional AND therapeutic in their bedside manner.  my daughter, after all, is twelve and not feeling well.

last week, however,  we had an experience that i want to share:

we had made an appointment several months ago with a doctor at a 'healing center' in our area.  the doctor AND the center had come highly recommended by several people we had come in contact with over the course of my daughter's illness.  the center and its doctors specialize in allergies, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia--  the mystery illnesses that medical science cannot definitively diagnose and heal.   it takes months to get an appointment at the center, and the reception staff are clear up front that many of their tests and procedures are not covered by insurance and may cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

when we arrived, my daughter and i both recoiled at the atmosphere of the place.  it feels more like a large car dealer's service center than a place of healing.  there are several reception windows, all opening into a large office room with lots of shelves filled with vitamin bottles in the center of the room.  the reception staff are wearing street clothes, and to a person are surly and seem annoyed at being 'interrupted' by customers-- oops, i mean patients.  there are signs everywhere for every possible reason--- how to find the way to the toilet,  which waiting area is designated for which type of patient, where people are supposed to go for allergy shots.  while we were in the waiting room more than a dozen people came through for shots and appointments.  as we went through the process of seeing the doctor, being told what tests she wanted us to get, and being told which supplements she wanted us to buy-- there was nothing that felt therapeutic about this place.

it felt like being in a factory.

our current world is filled with these places.  as we modify our food to something unrecognizable from the nourishing original, as we continue to poison our water, soil, and air with  pesticides and perfumes and all manner of toxic substances-- we are increasingly suffering from allergies and illnesses that are created by our modifications to our planet.  more and more of us are ill and increasingly desperate to feel better.  more and more factories like this 'healing center' are cropping up-- places that promise answers and healing but which actually are set up to take financial advantage of our desperation.

there are many, many true healers out there-- people who will help us to eat better for our health, people who will help us to choose herbs and supplements that will support our immune systems and our health-- people who will help us to heal.

avoid the factories.



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