french doors

i was recently asked by a client whether to put french doors or sliding glass doors into her dining room.  for her house-- a mid-century ranch--  the answer was clearly: sliders.  they fit both the style and period of the house.  for this house-- an 1830's farmhouse?  french doors.  french doors offer the opportunity to throw them wide open-- great for entertaining, great for living both indoors and out.  in either case, buy the very best you can afford-- these doors can be drafty, and their mechanisms can give-out over time.  

a note on doors that don't seem to work properly:
i often come upon clients who have bought houses with french doors that seem not to close properly.  OR-- they can't figure out how to lock the doors.  these doors have a locking mechanism that requires you to lift up on the handle first, which sends a bolt up into the header and down into the floor, and THEN you can turn the lock.  the first move will close the doors securely, sealing them against the elements, the second move with lock them.  without the first move, the second will not work-- so it appears that your doors don't work.  i have walked into so many houses and found the french doors nailed shut!

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