a different world

a friend and i were having drinks last night-- we each opened our businesses within a few months of each other, six years ago-- and we are both taking our businesses through major transitions over the next few months. she is closing her restaurant and re-opening a new one with a new vision, i am moving my little shop and design business to a new home-- also with a new vision.

this friend and i meet now and then for a drink-- often at some out of the way place where neither of us expect to see any of our customers.  we talk about our goals and frustrations.  we usually swear a LOT.  it is one of the few moments in my life when i can totally 'let my hair down' and talk about what it is really like to be running a small business in a small town in the middle of a big recession.

last night we were talking about the world being different today than it was six years ago.  we were both younger, more naive-- but the world we were in then had a lot more money.  none of us understood the financial realities that were brewing beneath the surface-- none of us were preparing for the inevitability of 2008 happening.  those first couple of years before the recession hit were fun--challenging-- but profitable.  these last four years?  a lot more of the challenge, a lot less profit.

but last night my friend also pointed out how much we have been part of the positive change in the last six years.  we each run businesses that are based in similar ideals:  globally aware with a local base, we each encourage people to THINK about what they are putting into their homes and bodies.  we each spend a large part of our days teaching our customers about what we have been doing to our planet (and each other) and how we can do it differently.  we each feel very strongly that we are part of a new alternative economy-- one that will carry us into a new world that will be based on community, environmental consciousness, and supporting each other rather than competing for resources.

thanks for the reminder, em.


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