the details

there are lots of days that just slip by... days when i am busy answering questions, writing emails, planning for clients' houses, keeping track of the shop's money, driving my children to ballet, making dinner, doing laundry and keeping the house clean...  days that just happen.

it can feel, on those days, like nothing is really happening.  i am just moving through my life, getting things done, taking care of business.

those may not be the days that i best remember later, but they are actually the days that matter most.

they are, in fact, the days that make me know how i am really doing.  am i happy? content? feeling good about my relationships? feeling okay about the work of my life?  or, on those days that nothing particularly special is happening, do i feel antsy or anxious?  angry or blue?

it makes sense to pay attention to those quiet, unassuming days.


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