the design process

i gather that there are designers out there who work in the following way:  meet the client, take the 'brief' (find out what the client needs and wants and see the space, etc.);  go away and put everything together; arrive back at the client's space and install everything.

i HAVE worked like this before-- but it is not my favorite.  when i work with clients there is a lot of back and forth.  we meet, we talk, we look at lots of pictures so i am certain i know what look and feeling we are going for; i go away and percolate on the whole picture for a while;  we exchange e-mails with links and photos of my ideas for my client's space; we get estimates for various building projects; i drop off big paint swatches for the various rooms we are working on; THEN we talk about furniture, lighting, window treatments; then i arrange things in the rooms and on the walls.  sometimes this process takes a few days, sometimes a few weeks, sometimes it can go on for a couple of years (depending on the pace of the client).

for me the design process is an organic one.  it takes time to try things and learn how they work with other things and see how a client responds to each step.  sometimes something becomes important to a client that wasn't mentioned in the first meeting.  we learn things along the way that refine the process.

i like that.


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