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it is time for a new website.  i have being trying out different platforms, shopping carts, web hosting sites, etc.etc.etc. for the last few months.  i have built sample websites on wix.com, weebly.com, shopify.com-- and haven't yet found exactly what i want.

there was a time when building one's own website (or blog or webstore) was not really possible.  we all had to rely on the technically gifted people out there.  these days many companies are building websites made for lay-people (that's me!) to work on themselves.  so that i can buy (or get for free) a website template on a particular platform's hosting site, plug in my colors, my logo, my products and GO-- a new website all 'created' by me.  much appreciated!

the frustrating thing about all this for me (as a not-very-technical person)-- is that as new technology is developed i can start to imagine what is possible, or what will be possible-- but isn't yet possible.  and it frustrates me not to be able to do whatever it is yet.

what follows is a little rant, some of it boring, please skip if you are not up to complaining this morning:

i would really like to have my blog on the same site as my webstore, rather than just linked to my webstore.  the prevailing wisdom out there is that it doesn't really matter, or that webstores should just be hosted on blogs (there are a lot of shops who are using 'wordpress' or 'blogger' as their webstore as well as their blog these days).  but the truth is that there are things that i want to do that blog platforms don't fully allow at this point.  they will-- in the next eighteen months or so-- but not yet.  AND i want to be able to import my current blog content (photos, writing, titles, dates, AND tags) to the new blog hosted on the same site as the new webstore.  i would also like a very simple template (what we do is VERY simple) but I (notice the capital) need to be able to do the whole thing.  i need to be able to easily add new products so that we can put up all the new things as they come in every week.  i need to be able to change things around (because i get as tired of looking at the same old webpage as i get of looking at the same old shop display) easily and relatively quickly.  i need to be able to run the thing myself-- if i have to rely on someone else's expertise and ability we will end up with a not-often-used website (which is what we have now!) because i just don't have that much time and adding the extra step of contacting the expert is too much for me.  i want a shopping cart that looks good.  this is not so much to ask and should not cost an enormous sum of money-- but it is amazing how many of them out there do not look good!  i want the whole thing to be intuitive, friendly, and to have a human feeling to it.  the buttons for various parts of the site should be obvious and easy to find and use!

okay.  enough ranting.

expect to see a new website soon!


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