on not being a 'computer' person

i have spent the last couple of days (obsessively) working on our new website.  once i had the information i needed on shopping carts and pos systems-- there was no reason to wait.

the great thing about websites right now is that there are lots of platforms for self publishing.  yet-- learning a new website platform is a tedious task.   i have now mastered 'blogger' (the platform hosting this blog) and 'wix' (the platform that hosts the design page)  and in the last few days i have been working in 'shopify'.

i never in a million years would have predicted that i would be building my own websites.  i have never particularly liked computers-- they are a great tool, but best avoided (by me).  i keep my books by hand, do my billing by hand, i even do my architectural drawings by hand-- but over the years i have been further and further drawn in by the computer world.  i am finding that i am, in fact, capable of using this amazing tool much more than i ever thought possible.

hopefully all this new learning will stave off senility for a few more years!


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