on being an 'owner'

i have a friend who says she is a 'renter'.  she DOES rent her home, but that is not just a choice (or necessity) based on location, money, and length of stay-- it is a life philosophy.  she has switched careers more than once, never married, and does not have children.  she chooses to keep herself free to change and move to the next possibility at very short notice.  she does not tend to spend a lot of time decorating her homes once she moves in-- and the one time she had to choose paint colors (because the landlord asked her to) it was extremely stressful for her because paint is too permanent.

i, on the other hand, am an 'owner'.  i own my house-- yes-- but that is also part of my own way of moving through my life.  i put down roots-- i was married for a very long time and will most likely marry again, i have children, i own a business that keeps me solidly in my community.  i do not have a lot of extra money, but i spend a lot of time adjusting my homes to fit my life-- decorating but also changing the space structurally to fit-- and to me paint is extremely temporary.

what about you?


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