having enough time

there are a few shop-related (and tedious) projects that i have been working on for some time and they have all seemed overwhelming and frustrating.  this weekend i vowed to take the time to really figure things out--  to do the research that needs to be done into a new POS system (that would be Point Of Sale-- a computer system for keeping track of sales and inventory), and a new webstore platform, for example.

well-- i got the research done and made some key decisions yesterday.

what a difference it makes to have enough time to do a tedious task.  usually i leave these kinds of tasks till the last-- they are the little things that don't seem that important or don't directly affect my customers and clients-- and therefore i never quite have enough time to really complete the project.  yesterday, having set aside the whole day to focus on such tasks, meant i had plenty of time and it ended up being kind of fun!

lesson learned.


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