doing what you love

last night my daughter was bemoaning the fact that she has to get up early, go to school, be there all day, then come home, do homework for most of the afternoon, then go to bed because she is exhausted, then start all over again the next day.

i think we can all commiserate.

but this is the reality of human life-- wherever we live, whatever our circumstances-- we have to make or pay-for our homes, we have to provide ourselves with food and then clean the cooking utensils, we have to wash our clothing.  we might do all of these in relative isolation, or we might do them in community-- but no matter what MOST of our time as human beings is going to be spent on taking care of the daily business of our lives.

in our culture--where most of our daily business is about making the money to buy the home, the food, and the clothing-- that daily business can sometimes seem like it is without real meaning.

so i suggested to my daughter that she think about what she most loves to do-- writing or reading or painting or sewing; ballet or softball or rock climbing; growing vegetables, playing music, or finding antique treasures.  and then that she come up with some projects that reflect that (those) love(s).

in my experience, doing what you love will carry you through anything.



~ Creating a Crafty Life ~ said...

Your shop looks Fabulous! Doing what you love is so important, but my problem is I love so many things and I don't stay focused long enough ;) So glad I stumbled upon your blog ;) Just became a follower & a follower on pinterest ♥

shopgirl said...

i know what you mean-- finding focus is not always easy for me, either. thanks for signing up!

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