client visits


really i have two businesses.  the design business and the shop.  a lot of the time they are quite separate.

the days i am not in the shop i am out seeing clients, doing design related errands of finding furniture or furnishings for clients, or working at home on my computer putting together design directives for clients.  on the days that i am in the shop-- i am helping customers, answering questions about products, and keeping track of the money.

there has always been some overlap-- clients come in with their floor plans and we spread them out on the counter and talk about the details, or a customer will start chatting about their decision making process for painting their living room-- but mostly the two have been separate.

i am finding it convenient more and more often to meet with clients at the shop.  we just need to go over a few things and we don't have to be in the space to do so-- or i can't fit a meeting in my schedule in a timely manner-- so we meet at the shop.  and then sometimes clients just stop by when they are in town, and we have an impromptu meeting about what's next-- or how the construction is going.

it is really quite lovely that my sort-of separate work lives are blending.

though i jokingly think i need one of those signs for in front of my counter that LUCY has--

'the designer is IN'.



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