artistic selfishness

the conversation around the shop lately has revolved largely around our upcoming move.  i have not yet announced where we are moving to because it is not 100% certain-- we are going through the process of getting the right permits from the town, ironing out the details of the lease with the landlord-- all the usual things that have to happen before a big move.

what i have been telling people is that the new space is bigger, with a better configuration for holding both the design business and the shop, it has its own parking lot, AND it is a LOT less expensive-- and yes, it is a few blocks from the town center, where we are now.

that is the rub.  people have been happy to hear about everything but the location. they feel that our shop helps to make our little downtown more attractive (so much appreciated!!) and that it will be a loss to the town for us to move out a little bit.  i have written before about reasons for our move-- the rent having gone up, the space not quite working, the parking issues-- but an underlying reason is my need for more time and space to do the creative part of my work.

for years i have imagined having time to write my book, time to design our own line of upholstery fabric, time to develop our own product lines-- items we could wholesale as well as retail-- but simply things that i can't find any where else.

i am committed to my community and to continuing to contribute to it-- AND i would like to have more time to travel-- to find more interesting things, to see more beauty that will then inspire me to make more beautiful things.  right now, running two businesses, i am stretched pretty thin!  in our current location my labors do pay off-- we are doing well-- but our expenses are also VERY high.  moving is going to take a great deal of that financial pressure off and allow me time and space to focus on some of my more creative projects.

artistic selfishness?  maybe, but i am excited about the possibilities!  the new shop is going to truly live up to our tag line: homewares & design studio.



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