architectural scale

my current house is very small-- just over 1000 square feet. we have three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, pantry, laundry room, living room and dining room.  and an awesome mudroom.  for a small building it packs a pretty powerful punch.

i have also lived in very large houses-- houses 3-4 times as large as my current home.  those houses did not necessarily have any more rooms than my current house.  what they had was much larger scale-- each dimension in those houses was big!  and in a big house with big rooms, there is usually a lot of extra space-- wide open 'corridors' between groupings of furniture.

some people assume that a small house will automatically feel cozier-- but this is not the case.  a small house can feel overcrowded, or it can feel empty, or it can feel just right-- same as a big house.  it is all about the scale of the furniture and how much stuff you try to fit in.

three years ago we moved here from a house that was 3600 square feet.  we shed an enormous amount of furniture and 'stuff' to move in here: books, kids toys, dvd's, unused clothing, 'extra' anything.  over the time we have been here we have tinkered with different arrangements and different furniture-- trading out different things for the different spaces in the house until we have gotten it to feel just right (and to work just right) for our little family.

the one thing i would add are more windows in this kitchen.



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