working with clients

in the last few weeks my focus has been on my design business.  i have a number of client projects all coming together at the same time.

the good thing is that clients work at very different paces.  some clients want to 'fast track' things-- we work very intensely for a week (or a few weeks) and complete a project almost immediately.  others need time-- time to think about new ideas, time to get used to new colors, time to decide each step and then get comfortable with it before moving on to the next step.

i like all of this.

it keeps my life interesting AND it allows it all to fit.  if i were only working with fast paced clients, i could not fit them all in.  so much work is required in a very short amount of time that if i had multiple  clients at a time i could not possibly do the work.  if i were only working with slower-paced clients, i would have very little to do much of the time--  which would also translate to not making very much money.

fortunately it all evens out!


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