a working exploration

over the last couple of months i have been looking for a new space for my business-- it has been an intense period of exploration.  thinking about my business and what is it that i really do? what is it that i really love doing? what do the business and i really need?  as i explore, i have been both looking at spaces and talking with people-- learning everything i can about various locations AND about the way that other people do what i do.  

the spaces have been unbelievably diverse-- each inspiring its own fantasy of what my business would be like in that location.  i have seen spaces twice the size of mine, spaces half the size of mine, in town spaces, out of town spaces, spaces in the busiest retail districts in this area, spaces well off the beaten path, spaces with incredible light, spaces with beautiful windows, spaces with amazing storage, spaces with good offices, spaces with no office at all.

the people i have talked to have been equally diverse-- amazing and wonderful retailers and designers who have given me their time, their experience, and sometimes, their "numbers"-- all to help me to know what is next for me.   some of the people i have talked to have been in business for decades, some are just starting out.  everyone has listened to me, heard my need to find the right space for my business, and then given me their two cents-- all adding up to my feeling like a very wealthy woman, full of great ideas and valuable information.  my cup runneth over!

i am pretty sure now that i have decided on where the business is going-- an announcement to follow once i have signed the lease-- and as is normal when nearing the end of a major endeavor i am 'full' yet exhausted!  it is good to be at the end of this process!

many thanks!!


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