risk taking optimism

on facebook this morning a quote from maya angelou: "don't bring negative to my door".

i have never thought of myself as a risk taker.  i follow the rules-- even when no one is looking.  i have never done drugs (even when my friends were experimenting) because the whole idea scares me.  i have never hitchhiked.  i never want to jump out of a plane.  i have never even considered gambling in any real way.  and before i make any real change in my life, i consider it from all sides, run a bunch of numbers, and spend an enormous amount of time contemplating how it really feels to me.

in recent years, however, i have come across people who have seen me as a risk taker-- which has been baffling to me, but interesting.  this week a friend clarified this-- i am an optimist.  i think that most situations that i might put myself in (i.e. relatively safe situations to begin with) are going to turn out okay.  i might get my feelings hurt, i might have to dust myself off a bit when something doesn't go quite perfectly-- but generally, whatever happens, to me it is all going to be fine.

my glass is always at least half full.

but for someone who's life is bound by fear of things going wrong-- i AM going to appear to be a risk taker in a big scary way!   i am willing to explore possibilities in life-- in relationships, in wall colors, in locations for my business-- and for some people that is going to feel like simply too much risk.

i love the diversity of humanity!


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