playing 'house'

i have spent a large part of the last couple of weeks working on this adorable little house-- a house that has been empty for some time, whose owners live in another state, and which is now officially on the market to sell.  the budget was tight, so i did the cleaning, painting, and sewing (of curtains) myself--with some much needed help from some good friends.  now it is clean, freshly painted, and newly furnished-- and ready for some lucky person or people to fall in love with it and call it home.

it was a a really fun couple of weeks-- getting to 'play house' all day and still come home at night.  there was pressure of time, but none of the pressures that might otherwise be associated with working on a whole house at once-- lots of boxes from moving in, trying to find things that we thought were packed for easy finding, trying to figure out how to make dinner in a kitchen that is being painted-- none of that!  since we didn't actually live in the house it was really, really fun to clean it, paint it, and find great little things to make it look its best.



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