on moving

yesterday the manager of the building where the shop is currently located came to put a 'for rent' sign in the window.  i will admit that it was a rough moment for me.

i have known for the better part of the last year that i want to move the shop.  though my current location is beautiful, it doesn't quite work for the kind of business i do-- running both a shop and a design business means that i need space that can accommodate back-stock AND workshops, retail staff AND design interns, wrapping paper AND huge paper paint swatches.  AND i need somewhere for ME to work-- doing both the business AND the creative work of what i do takes time and focus.

so-- i have been looking for a new space and i am very excited about the possibilities.  i have to admit that it feels a little bit like an episode of 'house hunters' on HGTV.  a perfect space that needs a lot of fixing up but could be EXACTLY what i want if i am willing to take on the challenge? a beautiful sunny spot in a great location that is probably too small?  a perfectly sized and already fixed up space that is perhaps not in the best location?  hmmm.

but moving is never cut and dry-- if you are leaving a space you have loved, there is always going to be some little bit of grief about it-- no matter how much you are excited about the new space.

and yesterday, when that 'for rent' sign went up, i was just a little bit sad.





Katie said...

best of luck! i will miss you in downtown amherst, only a short walk from my home, but i will follow you wherever!

shopgirl said...

thanks! we may still be in downtown amherst-- just in a different space. we'll let you know!

@SBS-UMassAmherst said...

Jen and I will visit wherever you go...we've missed seeing you the last couple of times we came in.

shopgirl said...

thanks! much appreciated.

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