making home

i was talking with a friend this morning about how you can move into a place, get your things more or less put away, and then go about your life-- never feeling quite like the new place is home. you can walk through your rooms on your way to and from bed, to and from dinner, to and from work-- and notice little things that don't look quite like you would like them to, but not have time to address any of them in the moment.  that can go on for weeks, months, even years.

it takes time, effort, and thought to make a place really feel like home.  little things need to be arranged the way they feel right.  colors need to go together to make it feel like you.  and you need to have enough time at home to feel like everything is good and right with the world.  most of us don't have the time or the energy left after all of our other obligations to truly make our homes feel as good as they can feel.  and many of us have a long list of other things we would rather do with our 'free' time than focus on our homes.

i love the days that i can be home more than just about anything in the world.  

i usually have some project (painting my dining room is on my list this week), but sometimes i just putt around-- doing a little cleaning, a little organizing, and a little straightening up.  i want to really enjoy my rooms-- i want to feel peaceful and happy in them-- and i want them to feel like me.

i want them to feel like home.



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