laundry rooms

i used to dream about having a place that i could leave my ironing board up all the time.  a laundry room-- a place with shelves for linen spray and a pretty pitcher for re-filling the iron with water-- with a window looking out at beautiful woods or fields.  i imagined it would be a sunny room, with fresh laundry hanging on wooden racks to dry, and the scent of clean linens everywhere.

well-- i don't have this.  my laundry machines are in the pantry, our laundry basket lives on the floor in my closet, the clean basket lives under my bed.  the ironing board?  in the closet as well.  i pull it out to iron things, and then put it back after the iron has completely cooled.

despite not having a laundry room-- i love my laundry system.  each piece of the process is beautiful and nice-- i love that the laundry machines are hidden behind the door-- and that closing that door makes my pantry into a laundry-room-for-the-moment, i love the big round basket that i found at an antique shop in maine for the clean laundry-- whether i am using it or not it is visible under my bed and i think it beautiful, and i LOVE it when i have time to watch a movie and iron.

it is good to have dreams, and good to find ways to be happy with reality.


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